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"He's like rotten mackerel by moonlight. He shines, and stinks." – John Randolph

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The rules

1. Nothing racial...ever. Period. Nothing that would be considered an epithet toward gays. Fact is, I don't want them bitching around here.

2. Nobody gets accused of a crime (for the first time) here. You may call a politician an asshole. You may not call him a rapist, child molester, etc. unless of course, the court system has decided beyond a reasonable doubt that he is one.

3. Discussions of religion, are the only discussions here where a modicum of respect is required. Broad generalizations about priests and alter boys are not acceptable. We may not say that all Muslims are terrorists. Neither are all Jews cheapskates and warmongers. Nor are all Presbyterians great at making noodle salads.

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